Africa’s Top 5: Nigeria Watch Your Back, The Egyptians Are Coming


When Nigeria beat the Central Africa Republic to revenge a shocking 1-0 loss in Lagos, everything seem to be going well on the road to Qatar 2022.

The first goal for Leon Balogun and a second from Victor Osimhen means Nigeria is back on top of the group.

Victor Osimhen

Meanwhile, some kilometres across the Sahara, a team is closing in to push Nigeria out of the top 5 seeds in the last phase of the African world cup qualifiers.

The Pharaohs have won three and drawn one, leaving them unbeaten and on top of Group F.

The Ranking

Egypt is just some points outside the African top 5.

The Eagles have dropped to 36th which, keeps them in the Top 5 in Africa behind Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Egypt made up some grounds as they are now 44th and, their points tally of (1448,78) are just marginally below Nigeria with (1478,17).

Africa's Top 5: Ranking

There are two rounds of matches in the world cup qualifiers left for Egypt to catch up.

The games now take on a new meaning as a loss can alter the race to the world cup qualifiers top-five finish line.

Africa’s Top 5: The Calculators are Out

Meanwhile, before the AFCON, there is a matter of two qualifying matches awaiting both countries.

Nigeria has a date with Cape Verde at home and Liberia at a neutral ground in Accra, Ghana.

Furthermore, a breakdown shows that Nigeria will gain +4.01 (1482.18) with a win over Liberia and lose the same for a loss.

Also, for the game against Cape Verde, the super eagles will gain +16.01 (1343.63) and lose the same points for a loss.

Africa's Top 5: Ranking NGR VS Cape Verde

Egypt, on their part, will face Angola in Luanda and play host to Gabon.

The Egyptians can earn +16.01 (1343.63)points in a win against Angola, while +8.16 (1456.94) points await them against Gabon.

The two games have a potential 25 points between them.

Africa’s Top 5: The Pharaoh Advantage

To make the competition tight, Egypt has another championship to attend after the qualification series.

The FIFA Arab cup is a championship created for Arab countries.

According to the FIFA ranking system, SUM, the competition can fetch them additional 5 points.

Africa's Top 5: Ranking Fixture

The 35 Points Game At AFCON

After the draws, the continuous stay in the top 5 will also be determined by results from the AFCON proper.

The winner of the Nigeria Egypt game at the AFCON in Cameroon will earn more than just 3 points.

It’s a 35 points ranking game that will further shape Africa’s top 5.

The finishing position will also determine the points each of the team will earn.

Qualification beyond the quarter-final stage will move the points to 40.


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