How Big Is Ofili’s World Fastest and Nigerian Record In 200m?


Sprint sensation, Favour Ofili, broke Blessing Okagbare’s 200m Nigerian Record at the Tom Jones Memorial in blistering 21.96s.

Ofili becomes the first Nigerian woman to break 22 seconds mark in women’s 200m.

The world U20 silver medalist started with 60m indoors this season, despite specializing in 200m and 400m.

Last week, she became the joint 5th fastest Nigerian woman over 100m after running 11.00s.


How Big Is the Time By Favour Ofili?

Running her first 200m race of the outdoor season, Ofili ran the fastest 200m time this year, the fastest ever in the NCAA and a new School Record.

Furthermore, Favour Ofili has developed into a super athlete combining the 100m, 200m and 400m effectively.

For 22yrs, Mary Onyali held the Nigerian record before Okagbare broke it and now Ofili is in charge.

Mary Onyali and Blessing Okagbare never ran sub 22s in their careers. 

African indoor record holder

For context: Nigerian Record And Others

NR – Nigerian Record (erased Okagbare’s record)

CR – Collegiate Record (Fastest ever 200m runner in US collegiate history)

SR – School Record (fastest runner in school history)

Favour Ofili

In Africa, Ofili’s time is only second to Christine Mboma who also beat her to gold at the World U20 championship.

Top 5 African women’s 200m all-time list: 

1) Christine Mboma – 21.78s

2) Favour Ofili – 21.96s 

3) Blessing Okagbare – 22.04s

4) Evette De Klerk – 22.06s

5) Mary Onyali – 22.07s


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