NFF denies sacking Gernot Rohr – here’s why they’re right to stick with the Super Eagles coach


The Nigeria Football Federation has debunked reports that Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr had been discharged from his role.

Gernot Rohr

Multiple reports circulated the internet earlier today claiming that the German had been sacked but that has now been proven untrue by a statement from the NFF.

The German had been in charge of the Super Eagles since 2016, making him Nigeria’s longest-serving manager.

The reports were easy to believe because the Super Eagles have been underperforming and many have been calling for Rohr to be sacked.

But the timing made it difficult especially since he just qualified Nigeria for the next round of World Cup qualifiers.

The 1-1 draw against Cape Verde was Gernot Rohr’s 55th game in charge of the Super Eagles, the most by a single coach in Nigerian history. And in almost all those games, Nigeria has been unimpressive in their play.

Many believe that despite getting results, the Super Eagles have been underutilised under Gernot Rohr. With the level of talent in the squad, Nigeria should be able to rival the likes of Algeria and Senegal.

Gernot Rohr favours a conservative approach even in games Nigeria should dominate.

As earlier mentioned, Gernot Rohr has just led Nigeria to the final stage of World Cup Qualifiers. He did it in an unconvincing and underwhelming manner but he still did it.

While he deserves the sack, it would be unwise to do so right before the crucial knockout games.

Gernot Rohr’s Replacement

If Rohr gets the sack, whoever replaces him would need some time to acclimatise and imprint his philosophy on the Super Eagles. A two-legged game against one of Africa’s top teams for a spot at Qatar 2022 is not the ideal place to start.

Gernot Rohr

However terrible Gernot Rohr has been with the Super Eagles, no one can fault him for results. It is more advisable to let him secure the World Cup ticket and lead Nigeria to AFCON 2022 in January.

After which the NFF can now assess the situation and sack him if the team is still underperforming.

The NFF is right to stick with Gernot Rohr at this point, sacking him would have been a rash decision.


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